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Ophthalmologist – Wallis – Switzerland


Wallis is one of the two southern cantons of Switzerland. The landscape of countless mountains is magnificent and includes more than 50 mountains above the four thousand meters high. The canton also includes one of the most famous river valleys (Rhônedal). Due to this extensive nature, the area is rich of natural sights such as gletsjers, caves and lakes. Beautiful old city centres, such as in the canton capital of Sion are next to modern cities throughout the canton. The canton is bilingual with French in the western part and German in the eastern part as main languages. Wallis is easily accessible via the Rhônedal and multiple train and traffic tunnels through the mountains which also connect the canton to Italy and France.

The eye centre as several locations in Wallis and opened the first clinic 2008. Every year, around 3000 eye surgeries are performed. Maximal quality with maximal cost efficiency is one of the most important focuses. Therefore, the centre invests in continues education for doctors and employees, the newest technologies and performs its own clinical research.
High quality care is offered with focus on the individual patient. The aim is to create a familial and personal atmosphere using internal quality controls and patient questionnaires. Patients are involved by giving informative lectures and readings in cooperation with patient groups. There is a close collaboration with the network of hospitals within the canton.


On behalf of the above-mentioned eye centre, we are looking for a motivated ophthalmologist for a position with a minimum of 0,8 fte. The position is long-term oriented (>5 years/permanent).

The position is focused on ophthalmic surgery. There is a possibility for non-surgical ophthalmologists to apply for this position if there is expertise in medical conditions concerning the retina.
The applicant preferably holds a specialisation in cataract surgery, retina surgery or eyelid surgery. Responsibilities include both consultations and surgical practices. Depending on the experience, patients will be assigned or individually recruited by the ophthalmologist.

Attractive employment conditions are offered, including an above-average salary in which own profit will be generated. Good command of the German and English language is required to register and practice in Switzerland. Although C1 command is preferred in your clinical role, a B2-level suffices for registration. MMedical can help you select the right language training centre and will help you with the federal and cantonal professional registration.

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