Our Method

MMedical connects medical professionals to medical institutions around the world. We accomplish our mission by recruiting jobs and placing the vacancies on our website. We assist all medical professionals during their application process.

To provide insight into our method you can find an overview of our approach below. Roughly speaking, the process consists of 6 steps:

  • As a medical professional you can seek contact with MMedical by filling in the contact form or the open application form.
  • One of MMedical’s employees will contact you in order to arrange an introductory conversation. During this conversation we are happy to discuss your requirements and expectations.
  • After this introductory conversation we will start looking for a job that meets your needs. We will update you once we have found a position that meets your given description.
  • After you have shown interest in a certain position and after your approval we will recommend you to the provider of this position.
  • In case of mutual interest we will organize an interview between the medical professional and the healthcare institution that provides the position. During this interview the medical professional will be able to talk more in depth about the position as well as the earnings.
  • When all the previous steps have lead to a successful application, we will assist you in meeting all the administrative requirements and permits you need to be allowed to practice your profession abroad.
    If you have any questions or you would like to find out more about MMedical, please get in touch with us by phone +31 6 36 36 35 99 or email us through info@mmedical.nl


    InterviewFinding a suitable positionPlacement abroad


    MMedical stands for a personal approach. Because of this MMedical plans an interview through the phone or in person to discuss your wishes, questions and preferences on working abroad.

    color-blocks-7Finding a suitable position

    If you don’t answer directly on a vacancy, MMedical will look for a suitable post for you after the interview.

    color-blocks-4Placement abroad

    The placement process abroad demands a lot of administrative requirements to be handeled. Most of these issues will be arranged by MMedical. In most cases we offer a skype-call between the doctor and the hospital.