Interview in the Artsenkrant from Belgium

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Recently there appeared an article on the official start of MMedical Employment Agency in the paper version of the Belgian magazine for physicians, “The Doctors Newspaper” (Artsenkrant in Dutch). Through this article we try to inform everyone of our existence. If you wish to receive information about our services, a vacancy or another question, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team members.

This month, Soufian Meziyerh, Mark van Roosmalen, Stijn Gillissen and Floris Bettink were interviewed by Emily Nazionale, a journalist working at The Doctors Newspaper. MMedical was asked to tell their experiences about founding a company next to the medical studies. The interview also focused on the growing unemployment among physicians and how MMedical intends to help their fellow colleagues within this matter.

The interview with MMedical in the paper version of the “The Doctors Newspaper”, can be found by pressing the download button below.

Download the full article from the Artsenkrant


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