MMedical as a partner

Our team consists of six young, well-motivated and energetic future physicians. We believe in building long-term relationships. Therefore we listen carefully to the wishes and expectations of our partners to be able to deliver quality service. Our partners have a dedicated representative within MMedical.

We offer you access to an extensive network of medical professionals. We provide access to detailed information regarding their experience and qualifications. Therefore we can quickly help you to find your ideal candidate.

We believe in creating added value. Following this philosophy we work on a “no-cure, no-pay” basis. By offering our services via a cost-efficient approach we are able to offer our services at a competitive rate.

Mark van RoosmalenSoufian MeziyerhRanda SawiresRichard Massaad

color-blocks-8Mark van Roosmalen

Mark van Roosmalen has been working from high school to a medical career. He started in 2007 with the study of law at Leiden University, after which he began in 2009 with his study Medicine. He is widely interested and active in many areas.

color-blocks-7Soufian Meziyerh

Soufian Meziyerh has completely focused himself on a career in the medical world. He has multiple interests and has thus kept himself busy with organisational activities, science and entrepreneurship during his study Medicine. With MMedical he tries to enhance and help develop international health.

color-blocks-4Randa Sawires

Randa Sawires had an early ambition to be a doctor. In 2012 Randa Sawires first came in contact with entrepreneurship. Her goal within MMedical is to increase employment opportunities for Dutch medical specialists and to become a successful enterprise.

color-blocks-4Richard Massaad

Richard Massaad was fascinated and enthused by a number of doctors who were also operating as health care entrepreneur next to their clinical work. This has put Richard Massaad thinking about solutions for current health care problems.