Finding appropriate medical professionals can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Our knowledge about the medical sector and our network of medical professionals makes us a suitable partner to support the recruitment of personnel. We deliver a cost- and time efficient service tailored to your needs and preferences to every organization looking for medical staff.

When we introduce a professional the necessary background checks have already been performed. Therefore we can guarantee all references provided, experience, qualification and clean registration of the professional introduced. Many of our candidates have gained extensive experience in their specialty and are therefore able to quickly start working in your clinic.

Please get in touch with one of our representatives to find out how MMedical can help your organization find the professional you are looking for.



MMedical recruits medical professionals in two ways. Medical professionals report themselves through the website for our database or apply directly for a position on our website. Besides this we contact medical professionals directly. We know a lot of doctors personally since we all will be medical doctors in the near future. Our experience shows that we can deliver a candidate for almost every position.


We, from MMedical, would like to hear what your wishes and requirements are concerning the medical professional. We prefer collaboration with a personal touch, both for the health care institution and the medical professional, and treat each application individually. By carefully charting what you are looking for, we aim to provide your institution with the most suitable candidates. Besides that, we will also help you and the medical professional with all the administrative requirements.


After we have selected a potential candidate, we will send you the resume/CV of the medical professional. If you are satisfied about the resume, we invite the medical professional for an interview through Skype or telephone. During this conversation you can discuss the job and its earnings. Once an agreement about everything has been reached, placement of the medical professional can take place. MMedical helps and aids you and the medical professional from A to Z.